Specialization Field


Our University has been awarded the right to specialize in the field of 'Smart Logistics and Integrated Applications' within the scope of the 'Regional Development-Oriented Mission Differentiation and Specialization Project' by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).

Our university's application on "Smart Logistics and Integrated Regional Applications" within the scope of the "Regional Development and Focused Mission Differentiation" project, to which the new YÖK understanding attaches great importance, was accepted as a result of the examinations. Universities that deserve specialization, including Artvin Çoruh University, Hitit University, Kırklareli University and Yozgat Bozok University, were introduced to the public at the meeting held at YÖK.

In addition to the members of the Executive Board of YÖK, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Çetin Ali Dönmez, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Akif Özkaldı, General Manager of Development Agencies of the Ministry of Industry and Technology Barış Yeniceri, project commission members, 10 universities determined previously within the scope of the project, participated in the meeting held at YÖK. Rectors, the rectors of 5 newly elected universities, the governors of their provinces and the presidents of the chambers of industry and commerce participated in the project. Making the opening speech of the meeting, YÖK President Prof. Dr. M. A. Yekta Saraç talked about the importance of the 'Regional Development-Oriented Mission Differentiation and Specialization Project', which they put into practice in 2015, stating that it is a manifestation of the New CoHE understanding.

Emphasizing that the project in question is a project of "working together, acting together", YÖK President Prof. Dr. SARAÇ said that these studies are not only based on economic factors, but also by considering many other factors such as government policies, regional and local organizations, consultancy services provided by the public, supporting the growth dynamics of the region, and public financial support. Saraç said, "It is very important to transform the research outputs of the universities into production by sharing the researches at the local level and their results with the relevant private and public sectors. Thanks to a health communication network to be established between the universities and regional development agencies, the expected power of the project will be maximized. Although it is an annual project, we see many sprouting and we are hopeful for the future of Turkey from the project."

“We are once again proud of our university”

Expressing his thoughts on the specialization of our university, Sinan Güner, the Governor of Bartın, stated that as the Governor's Office, they will always support Bartın University in the future as well as in the past. Governor Güner said, “Today, we are once again proud of Bartın University. Our university, which considers the dynamics of the region and carries out its studies accordingly, made a significant progress and was entitled to specialize in the field of "Smart Logistics and Integrated Region Applications". Our University, which will intensify its studies on the "Filyos Port and Industry Zone Project", which is among the most important commercial moves of our region and our country, will make a great contribution to our country's economy while making a name for itself in the national and international arena. I am from here, our Rector Prof. Dr. I congratulate Orhan Uzun and wish this important development to be auspicious for our region and our country.”

“Today is an important day for our University”

Expressing his views on the specialization of our university in the field of 'Smart Logistics and Integrated Region Applications' within the scope of the 'Regional Development-Oriented Mission Differentiation and Specialization Project', our University Rector Prof. Dr. Orhan Uzun said that they achieved an important success as Bartın University. Rector Uzun said, “We are very happy to welcome the specialization application of our university, which continues its upward trend from year to year. As a result of the researches and stakeholder opinions we have been carrying out since 2017, we have come to the conclusion that the potential of our region will emerge with the first mega-industrial zone of our country, the 'Filyos Port and Industrial Zone Project'. In a report prepared by the Western Black Sea Development Agency (BAKKA) in 2019, “Logistics Village”, “Software for Logistics” and “Smart Systems” were specified among the possible sectors that could develop in the region. After we were convinced that the existing potential of our university overlapped with these fields, we started to work for the application to be made to YÖK. As a result of the outstanding efforts of our faculty members and their ownership of the subject, we achieved a very productive working environment and prepared our application file.

“We had a long preparation period”

Rector Uzun, who also gave information about the process, said, “We can say that our specialization studies have started for the first time since 2017. As we started to explore the potential of the region, we started to focus on some areas. Firstly, we started to provide graduate education in the field of “Sustainable and Smart Cities” within the scope of the 100/2000 Doctoral Scholarship project initiated by YÖK. Subsequently, in the year 2018, Faculty of Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of international trade and logistics in the year 2019, and mathematics portions of computer technology and information systems of the Faculty of science was opened. The studies we have carried out and the departments we have opened have enabled the emergence of academic manpower specialized in the field of ‘Filyos Port and Industrial Zone Project’ in general. Thanks to a long-term planning and step-by-step progress, we have achieved today's result,” he said.