Why Faculty of Engineering Architecture and Design Department of Landscape Architecture ?

Landscape Architecture contributes to the protection and improvement of the quality of life by making physical (structural and vegetative) arrangements for urban and rural outdoor spaces in planning, design, repair and management. It is a professional discipline that enables sustainable and livable spaces to emerge through planning and design projects. It integrates art, architecture, engineering and technology. It has common working areas with professional disciplines such as Architect, City and Regional Planner, Surveyor etc.

Bartın is a province rich in tourism resources with important landscape values with its natural and cultural richness. The city is an important application laboratory for the students of Bartın University Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Design, Department of Landscape Architecture.


The Department of Landscape Architecture at the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Design is one of the first five departments in Turkey to be accredited by PEMDER. Accreditation provides departments with traceability, quality improvement, internationalization and certain performance standards in education and training.

Applied Education:

Applied courses, which enable students to transfer their basic theoretical knowledge into practice, are supported by field trips and computer applications.

Academic Staff:

The department has an interdisciplinary nature with a competent academic infrastructure with different domestic and international academic backgrounds. Our department has been providing education for 28 years.

Education Plans:

During the accreditation process, in line with the opinions of our internal and external stakeholders and graduates, our education and training plan was revised as student-oriented.

Social Activities:

Social opportunities and environments are created for our students to learn by having fun; competitions are organized to encourage students. Various activities are organized throughout the year to bring our students and faculty members together.

Distance Education Courses:

Our students can carry out their Foreign Language, Turkish Language and Atatürk's Principles and Revolutions courses through the distance education system and send their questions to the lecturers during class hours through the system.

WEB Page and Social Media:

Our students are provided with up-to-date information about the department and landscape architecture developments on a national and international scale. Department social media accounts are actively used; questions of our prospective students are answered.

Graduate Tracking System:

Communication with our students continues after graduation. We cooperate with our graduates in providing job and internship support to our students.

If you love nature,

If you enjoy group work,

If you have a tendency to draw,

If you are willing to work meticulously and patiently,

If you want to study in a department that emphasizes practical training,

As Bartın University Department of Landscape Architecture, we invite you, our esteemed students, to join our family.