Announcement for in-house lateral transfer of international students


In accordance with Article 16 of the Bartın University Regulations on Admission and Registration of International Students, "First-semester students (excluding Turkish preparatory classes) can transfer to the program of their choice once during the fall or spring semester, within the add-drop week following the start of classes, provided that there is availability and with the approval of the academic unit management board. Second-semester students can apply for a lateral transfer using the Ten Percent Principle of our university. There is no quota limit for transfers from the first-semester program to the second-semester program of the same department." "For students granted the right of lateral transfer under this regulation, the placement score or diploma grade cannot be lower than the base score of the placement score or diploma grade of the last international students admitted to the relevant department, depending on the placement method."

Application Address Lateral transfer applications will be made online via the link below.

Documents to be Uploaded in Applications
1-Active student certificate
2-Original diploma and transcript, as well as translated and certified copies by the Turkish Consulate.
3-International Student Internal Transfer Application Form (the form is available on the application screen.)

Note: International students accepted for lateral transfer must pay the difference in tuition fees if there is any, and send the receipt to the email address specified in the published list during the week of student registration. If the difference fee is not paid, course registration will not be completed.

Application Date: February 20-28, 2023
Evaluation of Applications: March 01-02, 2023
Announcement of Results: March 03, 2023 (On the web page of Academic Units)
Student Registrations: March 06-08, 2023 Academic unit student affairs will handle department and course registrations.