BARU's new invention:Automatic Battery Replacement System for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

The invention titled 'Automatic Battery Replacement System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)' developed by the faculty members of Bartın University (BARÜ) has been granted a patent by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TÜRKPATENT). The invention, jointly developed by Dr. Harun Yetkin and Dr. Mehmet Emin Aktan from the Department of Mechatronics Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Design, enables the automatic replacement of UAV batteries on portable ground stations without the need for human intervention. This provides an alternative solution for UAVs, which are increasingly being used in rural and mountainous areas for various purposes, to perform their tasks more efficiently without data loss.

Dr. Harun Yetkin explained the features of the developed Battery Replacement System, stating that "With this invention, the batteries of unmanned aerial vehicles can be autonomously replaced in small and portable ground stations. This will allow UAVs to perform uninterrupted tasks for longer periods of time, especially in search and rescue operations and military use in rural areas. Battery replacement will be performed without cutting off the energy of the UAV, thus preventing possible data loss and controller malfunctions."

Dr. Mehmet Emin Aktan mentioned that field tests of the system will begin soon, and added that "We have started working on turning the system into a commercial product and making it available for use in the field. After the mechanical, electronic, and software components of the system are completed, we will measure its performance in challenging weather conditions during field tests. Our aim is to produce our system in a sustainable and high-quality production environment, and to introduce it to both domestic and international markets, thus contributing to our country's economy."

Prof. Dr. Orhan Uzun, the Rector of BARÜ, stated that the university continues to contribute to the development of our country with all its components, and added that "National production" and "transition to high technology" are key concepts in achieving our country's goals. It is difficult to achieve sustainable successes without these concepts. At this point, we are making efforts for our common future in critical areas, and building our future together. With these thoughts, I congratulate Dr. Harun Yetkin and Dr. Mehmet Emin Aktan for their valuable contributions to our strategic areas, and wish them continued success. I also thank our Chairman of the Higher Education Council (YÖK), Prof. Dr. Erol Özvar, and the members of YÖK for their support in presenting high-value-added strategies and carrying them into the future.
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  • BARU's new invention:Automatic Battery Replacement System for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

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